Marvin, S., Sorenson, K., & Stevens, J.R. (forthcoming). Bringing human-animal interaction to sport: Potential impacts on athletic performance. European Journal of Sport Science.

  • This paper highlights the potential benefits of studying human-animal interactions within the context of sport.
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Stevens, J.R., Bosworth, M., Wolff, L.M., & Morstad, J. (2021). Dog and owner characteristics predict training success. Animal Cognition, 24(3), 219–230.

  • This paper demonstrates that dog disobedience, owner cognitive ability, and time spent training predicts a dog's success in passing the Canine Good Citizen obedience test.
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Thayer, E.R. & Stevens, J.R. (2021). Effects of human-animal interactions on affect and cognition. Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, 10(2), 73-98.

  • This paper demonstrates that brief interactions with dogs can improve mood, stress, and anxiety but not attention and working memory.
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Arce, W. & Stevens, J.R. (2020). Developing a computer-controlled treat dispenser for canine operant conditioning. Journal of Open Hardware, 4(1), 6.

  • This paper describes how to retro-fit a Treat & Train treat dispenser with new electronics that allow it to be remotely controllable as well as act as an experiment computation, data storage, and networking center.
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