Barela, J., Worth, Y., & Stevens, J.R. (2024). Impulsivity as a trait in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris): A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Comparative Psychology, 138(1), 20–31.

  • This article is a systematic review and meta-analysis that explores whether we have evidence of impulsivity as a behavioral trait in dogs. At the moment, we don't have good evidence for impulsivity as a behavioral trait. This article was chosen as an APA Editor's Choice.
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ManyDogs Project, Alberghina, D., Bray, E., Buchsbaum, D., Byosiere, S.-E., Espinosa, J., Gnanadesikan, G., Guran, C.-N. A., Hare, E., Horschler, D., Huber, L., Kuhlmeier, V. A., MacLean, E., Pelgrim, M. H., Perez, B., Ravid-Schurr, D., Rothkoff, L., Sexton, C., Silver, Z., & Stevens, J. R. (2022). ManyDogs Project: A big team science approach to investigating canine behavior and cognition. Comparative Cognition and Behavior Reviews, 18, 59-77.

  • This article introduces the ManyDogs Project by discussing the importance of studying canine behavioral science, situating ManyDogs among other examples of large-scale canine science, and describing the core aims of the ManyDogs Project.

ManyDogs Project, Espinosa, J., Stevens, J.R., Alberghina, D., Alway, H.E.E., Barela, J.D., Bogese, M., Bray, E.E., Buchsbaum, D. Byosiere, S.-E., Byrne, M., Cavalli, C. M., Chaudoir, L. M., Collins-Pisano, C., DeBoer, H.J., Douglas L.E.L.C., Dror, S., Dzik, M.V., Ferguson, B., Fisher, L., Fitzpatrick, H.C., Freeman, M.S., Frinton, S.N., Glover, M.K., Gnanadesikan, G.E., Goacher, J.E.P., Golańska, M., Guran, C.-N.A., Hare, E., Hare, B. Hickey, M., Horschler, D.J., Huber, L., Jim, H.-L., Johnston, A.M., Kaminski, J. Kelly, D.M., Kuhlmeier, V.A., Lassiter, L., Lazarowski, L., Leighton-Birch, J., MacLean, E.L., Maliszewska, K., Marra, V., Montgomery, L.I., Murray, M.S., Nelson, E.K., Ostojić, L., Palermo, S.G., Parks Russell, A.E., Pelgrim, M.H., Pellowe, S.D., Reinholz, A., Rial, L.A., Richards, E.M., Ross, M.A., Rothkoff, L.G., Salomons, H., Sanger, J.K., Santos, L., Shirle, A.R., Shearer, S.J., Silver, Z.A., Silverman, J.M., Sommese, A., Srdoc, T., St. John-Mosse, H., Vega, A.C., Vékony, K., Völter, C.J., Walsh C.J., Worth, Y.A., Zipperling, L.M.I., Żołędziewska, B., & Zylberfuden, S.G. (2023). ManyDogs 1: A multi-lab replication study of dogs’ pointing comprehension. Animal Behavior & Cognition.

  • This article describes ManyDogs 1, the first empirical study to come out of the ManyDogs Project that evaluates domestic dogs’ understanding of a common human gesture, the point.

Stevens, J.R. (2023). Canine Cognition and the Human Bond (Nebraska Symposium on Motivation Series, Vol. 69). Springer.

Stevens, J.R. (2023). Of dogs and bonds. In J.R. Stevens (Ed.), Canine Cognition and the Human Bond (pp. 1–10). Springer.

  • This chapter introduces the book Canine Cognition and the Human Bond.


Arce, W. & Stevens, J. R. (2022). A precise dispenser design for canine cognition research. Journal of Open Hardware, 6(1) 2.

  • This paper describes how to use a 3D printer to build a treat dispenser that is remotely controllable as well as act as an experiment computation, data storage, and networking center.
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Marvin, S., Sorenson, K., & Stevens, J.R. (2022). Bringing human-animal interaction to sport: Potential impacts on athletic performance. European Journal of Sport Science, 22(7), 955-963.

  • This paper highlights the potential benefits of studying human-animal interactions within the context of sport.
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Stevens, J.R., Mathias, M., Herridge, M., Hughes-Duvall, K., Wolff, L. M., & Yohe, M. (2022). Do owners know how impulsive their dogs are? Animal Behavior & Cognition, 9(3), 261-286.

  • This paper demonstrates that owner perceptions of dog impulsivity do not predict how far the dogs were willing to travel for food.
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Thayer, E.R. & Stevens, J.R. (2022). Effects of human-animal interactions on affect and cognition. Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, 10(2), 73-98.

  • This paper demonstrates that brief interactions with dogs can improve mood, stress, and anxiety but not attention and working memory.
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Stevens, J.R., Bosworth, M., Wolff, L.M., & Morstad, J. (2021). Dog and owner characteristics predict training success. Animal Cognition, 24(3), 219–230.

  • This paper demonstrates that dog disobedience, owner cognitive ability, and time spent training predicts a dog's success in passing the Canine Good Citizen obedience test.
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Arce, W. & Stevens, J.R. (2020). Developing a computer-controlled treat dispenser for canine operant conditioning. Journal of Open Hardware, 4(1), 6.

  • This paper describes how to retro-fit a Treat & Train treat dispenser with new electronics that allow it to be remotely controllable as well as act as an experiment computation, data storage, and networking center.
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